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The American Pops Orchestra wouldn’t be the same without the generous support of our APO Family

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the American Pops Orchestra has presented more than 200 live virtual performances, employing hundreds of artists and technical staff at pre-COVID pay.

With your help, we can continue to create countless meaningful and artistically fulfilling jobs. In addition to keeping our talented musicians employed, your support helps us continue to perform for thousands of people across the country.

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From inspiring young artists from diverse backgrounds through our outreach programs to partnering with nonprofit organizations across the country, we are proud to build our APO family.

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Every dollar counts, would you chip in and support APO? Gifts of all sizes (even just $5) allow us to continue paying every single artist and musician – including throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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We are so grateful for the help of everyone in our APO Family! Meet a few of the people who are helping make it possible for The American Pops Orchestra to pay our artists and musicians, ignite the spark of music in children, perform for audiences across the country, and give back to LGBTQ+ and performing arts nonprofits all over the U.S.

Season Sponsor

Adrienne Arsht

Chip Hand Prize for Vocal Excellence

Ambassador Lloyd &Ann Hand

Concertmaster Chair

The Craig and Barbara Barrett Foundation

The Principal Trombone Chair

Chrys Lemon

The Principal Clarinet Chair

Duane Chilton

The Principal Trumpet Chair

Tim and Anita McBride

The Principal Second Violin Chair

Heather and Jim Hook

The Principal Guitar Chair

Susan Hand

The Principal Harp Chair

Jeffrey S. Falk & Coy A. Stout II

The Principal Cello Chair

Carol Melton and Joe Hassett

The Principal Viola Chair

Teresa Carlson

The Principal Flute Chair

Jamie French

TV Producers Circle

The Dwight D.
Opperman Foundation

Christine Schwarzman

Offical Broadcast Sponsor

  • Barbara B. Allbritton
    Mari Carmen Aponte
    Melissa & Nik Apostolides
    Judith Barnett
    Rita Braver & Robert Barnett
    The Craig and Barbara Barrett Foundation
    Diane Baker and Francis Collins
    Barbara Bear
    David Beck
    Ruth Borovicka
    Kathleen Buhle
    Danielle & Ian Brasure
    Brandon Brown
    Louis Cardenas
    Gary & Rita Carleton
    Teresa Carlson
    Deidre Casey
    Duane Chilton
    Bill Conway and Ida Pearle
    Barbara Cook
    Hannah Cook
    Kevin Cooper & Neal Carpenter
    Michael & Robin Crocker
    The Nathan Cummings Foundation
    Ardelle Donohue
    Laurie Duncan
    Alex Ebsary
    Paige & Bain Ennis
    Tordis Fahringer
    Myrna Fawcett
    Jim Feldman & Natalie Wexler
    Jeffrey Finn
  • Ben Finzel & Mark Pimble
    Mark Fowler
    Debra Frazier
    Jamie French
    Jim & Kathy French
    Virginia Friend
    Diane Giaquinta
    Kathleen Gohn
    Jennifer Griffin
    Melissa Hammond
    Susan Hand
    Renee Harbers & Chris Liddell
    Dana Hearn & Kevin McCloskey
    Chad Henson
    Brian Hill
    James & Heather Hook
    Joseph Ireland & Richard Jordan
    Peter Jarjisian & Judy Piercy
    Jack Jetmund & Vince Keilman
    Richard & Maria Karp
    Jim Kelly
    Chrys Lemon
    Laura Liswood
    Amit & Miriam Magdieli
    HP & Kristin Mannion
    Capricia & Rob Marshall
    Chad & Raymond Martins
    Geoffrey Masukawa
    Gerardo Mato
    Susan McFarlin
    Carol Melton & Joe Hassett
    Dottie Mergner
  • Hilary Morrow
    Thomas & Debra Mossburg
    Virginia Mulberger
    Tom & Amy Nice
    Gregory Panico
    Erin and Scott Parsons
    Ben Pattison
    Linda Pepe
    Phil & Jania Peter
    Annette Polan
    Robert Pullen & Luke Frazier
    Justin Raber
    Erik & Lori Rasmussen
    MaryJo & Matt Robinson
    Philip Rucker
    Dick & Pamela Sauber
    Tahany Semeda
    Deanne & Robert Seward
    Sarah Shangraw
    Adam Shapiro
    William Plante & Robin Smith
    Coy Stout & Jeff Falk
    Eugene Stetson
    Lila & Brendan Sullivan
    Nancy Tartt
    Jonathan Thomas
    Karen Thomas
    Lily Valle
    Alexandra Villard de Borchgrave
    Scott Widmeyer
    Christopher Wolf & Jim Beller
    Gina Wood & Rey Ramsey

A Message from The APO

The American Pops Orchestra has made it a priority to not only maintain Pre-COVID content in a virtual form, but also create new content to keep our audience engaged and our musicians employed.  As an organization that strives to break the mold of concerts, we are using COVID-19 to reimagine our normal operations.  Since March we have streamed two full original concerts, created solo performances by instrumentalist and vocalists, rethought our Music and Mindfulness series as a more often and virtual event, and partnered with organizations across the country in our virtual trivia series.  

In addition, APO has held multiple in-person socially distanced outdoor Porch Concerts that provide our audience with the opportunity to safely see live art despite the current situation around us.  Throughout the pandemic, APO has employed hundreds of musicians and artists and in a time when many other organizations couldn’t. In the words of Maestro Luke Frazier, “we never stopped.”

Moving forward, APO is proud to present our NextGen National vocal competition which will include students from across the country competing virtually for the chance to win a monetary prize and the opportunity to perform in a future APO MainStage Show. This will include a virtual audition and semi-finals with a live (COVID permitting) finals in Spring of 2021.  APO has also filmed multiple productions that will be broadcast nationally on PBS.  APO has been grateful to keep creating and making music despite the limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and will keep working to bring you, our valued audience, original and unique content.

To support APO as we keep moving forward you can click here, so that we can continue to employ more artists and musicians.  If you have any questions about what APO has been doing during the pandemic, please email Thank you and stay safe.